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What is it ?

I have been developing Java based web applications, small and larges, for over 10 years.
I have found and used(or have had to use) many tools, open-source or not, over the years, some i liked and some not so much.
In other cases i had to write my own tools because there where not any or i did not like the existing ones.
Of some of the tools i liked, i took some of the concepts i liked and wrote my own, often simpler, implementations.
So JavaOnTracks is a compilations of all the tools i wrote that i think would be useful to any java web developer.
That is in other words a "Java web developer toolbox".
Why is it called "JavaOnTracks"? Yes it is a bit of a play on "Ruby on rails" and it does have some features like it, but it is similar to it only in a conceptual way, basically to make your life easier.

What you will find in the JavaOntracks package, is a single easy to use jar file(API) with no dependencies whatsoever(well besides Java), and lots of features/utilities that would normally require many packages and configuration files to get them working.
What you will not get, is a bloated, undocumented, overcomplicated software, requiring you to install lots of other sofware pieces to get it to work. And best of all, in my opinion, no XML files to configure whatsoever.

Who is it for ?

Any Java developer who likes saving time by using simple tools that work.
In particular those who feel like other frameworks/tools are in their way rather than helping them, say for example: struts, JSF, giant XML parsers and other things of that nature ... you know what i mean smile

What are the Features ?

Well, the Features Page is here for that, with links to more details and the API/Javadoc.
In a nutshell here are some of the main features:
list main things here

How much does it cost / Licence

JavaOnTracks is Free(open-source)
It his released under the " Artistic License 2.0".

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